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Message From The Desk

Life is a process of constant change and progress. Holistic growth and development requires confidence, courage to take risk by new things and let go old ones. Success begins when you step out of your counter zone. Andy Rooney, an American radio and television writer says “Everyone wants to live on the top of the mountain, but all the happiness, growth occurs while you are climbing it. Only those who accept and face the challenges in life and keep growing are the winners and the successful ones”. Failures cannot stop you; remember, failures are the opportunities to begin again. Growth and success go hand in hand for which you need certain task as well. Positive thinking, Self confidence, Persistent hard work, common sense and a desire to bloom where you are planted.

Some students take failure so seriously as if that is the end of the world, and few even get into depression. The popular actor and film maker Amir Khan once said, “I have had unsuccessful films, but I learned a lot from those films. I give my failures as much importance as my success.’’

It is indeed my privilege to congratulate the editorial board and the many blooming writers, poets and artists who contributed in making this magazine an attractive and valuable one. My sincere thanks to our vibrant staff, both teaching and non teaching, for their continuous support. Thank you parents for your co-operation .GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Principal Rev. SR. Rose SABS


Voices of the Manager

Trains up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


Write from my desk, I am re-thinking of the role. We are playing as teachers; my thoughts remind me that our duty is not merely to impart knowledge but to make a child fit.

 To procure degrees and diplomas to earn a livelihood but it is also to train up a child in the way he should go.

 Thus our role has to be a balanced combination of imparting knowledge, wisdom, and moral values.

 It a matter of great pride that parents are entrusting their children in our hands; we look up on them as clay which has to be molded into good shape. And I honestly admit that, I find this responsibility to be extremely challenged.

May our good Lord guide and bless each nurturer of our school to render quality schooling and enable the students to shine as a torch of truth, knowledge, peace and inspiration for others. May our students give a testimony that their teachers play a major role in making their lives.